Wide range of Bosch cabin filters for electric vehicles

Over the past year, the number of newly registered electric vehicles has increased dynamically due to government incentives, expanding charging infrastructure and growing environmental awareness. As a result, electric cars and plug-in hybrids are also of increasing importance for workshops. With market coverage exceeding 90%, the Bosch range includes cabin filters for most electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles in the European market. In view of the development of the spare parts market for electric vehicles, the wide range of Bosch cabin filters offers workshops a good chance of additional turnover. Cabin filters protect the interior of the vehicle and the occupants of the vehicle against fine dust, aerosols, bad odors, allergens and bacteria, even in the case of electric vehicles. Bosch recommends replacing them every 15,000 kilometers or at least once a year, especially before the pollen and hay fever seasons.

Bosch cabin filters for more comfort and health protection

As discussions about nitrogen oxides, ozone and fine dust in cities around the world continue, the quality of the air inside the passenger compartment is also of growing importance. Cabin filters with a layer of activated carbon ensure increased comfort and health protection inside the vehicle cabin. The specially adapted filter layers of Bosch activated carbon filters reliably absorb harmful and foul-smelling gases and filter the air, separating pollen and fine dust. In addition to this, FILTER + also offers additional protection for people with allergies. Equipped with a special anti-allergic layer, it even durably neutralizes allergens and bacteria. In addition, it also effectively separates fine dust down to 2.5 microns. This helps reduce allergic reactions from vehicle occupants such as sneezing, sore, red or watery eyes, especially during pollen season. In addition to this health protection, Bosch cabin filters also reduce the amount of deposits on the air conditioning system, thus promoting its energy-efficient operation.

Comprising the wide range of electric and hybrid vehicles, Bosch offers workshops over 600 different types of cabin filters, achieving market coverage of 95%. Adding new vehicle applications, this range is expanded every year. By using high-quality materials and by means of careful processing, Bosch guarantees a consistently high product quality. This allows the cabin filters to perform their tasks optimally.

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