Vipal unveils new VT850 heavy-duty tread in the US market

Vipal Rubber is expanding its share in the US market with the release of the new VT850 tread, developed for heavy-duty work with vehicles such as graders, log loaders and loaders, and traction vehicles for off-road operation.

This new product has been created with a design that allows excellent pulling power and self-cleaning of the tread, essential characteristics for off-road use. The carving of the grooves minimizes the retention of rocks and objects by preventing damage to the tire. The VT850 tread has the M + S marking, which guarantees its high performance in extreme weather conditions such as mud and snow. It also has a wear indicator, which indicates exactly when it needs to be retreaded, keeping the casing intact and extending the life of the tire so that it can be retreaded as many times as possible while maintaining the tires. required safety and quality standards.

Vipal NAFTA Commercial Director Gabriel Fuma says the tread has received positive reviews from all customers regarding this new product. “We have received excellent feedback from everyone who has equipped their vehicles with the VT850 tread. The tread proves, in practice, the excellent results it obtained in tests. We are convinced that it will be very successful in the US market because of the excellent performance it presents, ”said Fuma.

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