TripAdvisor’s top-rated restaurants in Leeds

From Bengali cuisine to Mediterranean restaurants and wine tasting experiences, Leeds offers an incredible variety of places to eat.

We took a look at the popular review site Tripadvisor to see which restaurants had the best ratings on the website.

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The pork that dines

La Taberna is Leeds’ top rated on TripAdvisor with 332 reviews, with 311 rating the place as five stars.

The restaurant serves Mediterranean cuisine and many rave reviews for the authentic flavors, Spanish tapas and welcoming atmosphere.

La Taberna, Britannia House 16 York Place Basement Britannia House, Leeds, LS1 2EU

Bengal Brasserie has 1,334 reviews and 1,186 of them give the restaurant five stars, and the photos and praise from TripAdvisor seem to show exactly why.

Many reviews praise the excellent service and food, the restaurant has an impressive menu of Bengali cuisine including dishes such as special patil curry, rangila and royal shrimp emoni.

Bengal Brewery, Leeds Bowl 5 Merrion Way, Leeds, LS2 8BT

Knock! is ranked third and has 191 reviews, of which 182 give the bistro five stars.

The establishment serves a range of Polish dishes and has received many rave reviews on the authenticity of the food and value for money.

Dishes such as zurek, bigos and pierogi feature on the menu, and the bistro emphasizes the use of local produce.

Knock! Polish Cuisine, 372 Kirkstall Road, Leeds, LS4 2HQ

Myrtle Tavern is a classic British pub and has 538 reviews, 472 of which give the property five stars on TripAdvisor.

The pub serves an impressive Sunday lunch and many reviews praise the service and the friendly atmosphere.

Myrtle Tavern, Parkside Road Meanwood, Leeds, LS6 4NE

Veeno is an Italian wine bar and has 338 reviews – an impressive 352 rating the place five stars.

The property has a sleek, modern interior as well as outdoor seating and offers a great wine selection – many reviews are also rave about the wine tasting experience.

Veeno Leeds, 5 Wellington Place, Leeds, LS1 4AP

Another Bengal brewery is in the top ten in Leeds – this one is ranked sixth and is located on Haddon Road.

The restaurant has 1,017 reviews and 917 of them give the place five stars – many reviews on the food and the exceptional service.

Bengal Brewery, 65 Haddon Road Burley, Leeds, LS4 2JE

Yokohama is a Japanese and Korean restaurant with 406 reviews – 365 rating it five stars and placing the restaurant seventh on the list.

The menu offers a wide range of Japanese and Korean dishes, including noodles, sushi, and soups.

Yokohama, 331 Roundhay Road, Leeds, LS8 4HT

Swine That Dines has 230 reviews – a staggering 206 of them awarding the restaurant five stars.

A contemporary British restaurant with a menu featuring dishes such as gnocchi, carrots, cow curd, and spicy walnuts – many reviewers rave about the fantastic flavors and service.

The Dining Pig, 58 North Street, Leeds, LS2 7PN

Salami & Co is a cafe and has 187 reviews, of which 170 are five stars.

The cafe serves a range of brunch and lunch options, including a Mexican brunch of refried beans, sweet corn salad, crushed avocado, crushed tortillas, spiral zucchini, Mexican fiesta dip, and toasted Leeds bread.

Salami & Co, 10 Market Place, Otley, Leeds, LS21 3AQ

Kuala Lampur Cafe is number 10 on the list and has 147 reviews, 131 of which have five stars.

The cafe serves Asian and Malaysian cuisine, with many reviews mentioning the wide range of vegetarian and vegan options.

Kuala Lampur Café, 2-4 Bennett Road, Headingley, Leeds, LS6 3HN

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