Tokyo Curry Quartet | Restaurants in Nihonbashi, Tokyo

Tokyo Station has an underground street filled with ramen restaurants, but it now also has a section dedicated to curry. The new Tokyo Curry Quartet at Yaesu Mall offers four different curry restaurants, most of which cannot be found elsewhere in the city.

There are Okushiba Shoten, a famous Hokkaido chain that opened its first store in central Tokyo, offering a delicious curry soup made with its special shrimp broth. If you don’t like seafood, we recommend you opt for the black beef curry soup with hamburg which is topped with colorful vegetables. The award-winning keema curry bread (¥380) made with the same broth is also worth ordering as a side dish, or even as a great take-home snack.

Next door is a restaurant specializing in curry, Switzerland. Ofu means European-style, so expect classic Japanese-Western dishes like beef and pork katsu curries (from ¥1,300) and a katsu sandwich with a layer of curry sauce inside (1 ¥400). It also offers a curry with fried crab and katsu, which is exclusive to this store.

You can even get curry at the gourmet restaurant Colombia 8, which serves a delicious curry keema (¥1,000) made with over 30 spices. It’s topped with a bright green shishito pepper – the chef recommends taking a bite of it between dollops of curry to get the full experience. This is the restaurant’s only outlet in the Kanto region.

So there is Sitaara dinner with Indian curry inspired by food from Ayurveda, India. Get a classic butter chicken curry for just ¥890, featuring a tomato-based roux with heavy cream and cashews to give it a thick, rich consistency. Add a side of fresh naan bread or tandoori chicken, prepared in an authentic tandoor stone oven. There are also plenty of options for vegetarians, as several dishes are meatless, or you can even request to swap out vegetarian meat instead.

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