The five most unique spring attractions in Barcelona

During Barcelona’s spring, you can find religious festivals, beer festivals and tributes to its design culture. The hardest part is choosing which one to go to.

Are you planning a trip to Barcelona in the spring and you don’t know what to do once there? Then you are certainly not alone. Visiting a new city can be confusing to say the least, especially when there are so many great things to do and not enough time to do them all.

Read on to discover the five most unique spring attractions Barcelona has to offer.

1. The Diada de Sant Jordi
La Diada de Sant Jordi simply means St. George’s Day. This beautiful holiday is celebrated in a very similar way to Valentine’s Day. Sant Jordi, being the patron saint of Catalonia, played a very important role in early Catalan culture. After his death, every year on April 23, people gather and celebrate his life with romantic gestures.

If you’re visiting Barcelona at the end of April and want to find ways to fully immerse yourself in the local culture, head to Rue Rambla 23. You’ll find a bustling street filled with flower stalls and Catalan literature for sale. It is truly an amazing and unique sight to behold.

2. Barcelona Design Week
It’s no secret that Barcelona is well known for its design culture. It is even known as the capital of European design. Every year, the city hosts Barcelona Design Week, which includes a plethora of events and workshops hosted by renowned designers from around the world.

This event has grown huge, reaching over twenty thousand people over the past few years, it’s an event you won’t want to miss.

3. Museum Night
Every year in May, the museums of Barcelona decide to stay open later than usual and give people the opportunity to see their artifacts in a completely different light. Using around eighty different museums, this night has become quite a popular celebration of culture and history. Thousands of people from all over can be expected to visit these museums, which in itself is a different and enjoyable museum experience. Rather than thinking of it as an overcrowded museum, imagine it as a history-themed party.

4. Barcelona Beer Festival
Who doesn’t love a good Oktoberfest? Well, the Barcelonans yes. Being the largest craft beer festival in the whole country, the Barcelona Beer Festival features more than four hundred and fifty different beers from all over the world. Attending the event costs around seven euros, from there it all depends on how much you want to drink.

Most tastings will set you back around a euro, and if you’re not a self-proclaimed beer lover, you needn’t worry. There are educated volunteers posted everywhere whose job it is to help steer you towards the beers you want. Beer Snobs shares that it’s a great way to hang out, enjoy a lively crowd, and try local and international beers.

5. Holy Week
Semana Santa, or Holy Week, is a religious holiday celebrated every year throughout Spain. No matter where you are in Spain, people will be partying. However, the way they celebrate differs from city to city. In smaller towns, you can find a more traditional approach to this sacred holiday. This can include large ceremonies and friendly neighbors sharing food along the street. Whereas in big cities like Barcelona you can expect a more modernized version of the celebration. Either way, there will be great food and great parades.

When to go and what to do
Barcelona is a beautiful city with so much history and culture. It is especially beautiful in the spring. Choosing when to go and what to do are the two main ingredients that can make or break your travel experience. Here are some things to know when planning your trip.

March in Barcelona is still rather cold with average highs of around fifty degrees Fahrenheit. However, if you don’t mind bringing a jacket, now may be the best time to go. There are still plenty of amazing events going on and there are statistically the fewest tourists than any other month of the year.

In April, the weather starts to warm up a bit, but you probably won’t need to pack your bathing suit yet. With temperatures in the upper 50s, you’ll find that midday strolls might just be the relaxing thing you need on your trip to the beautiful city.

By the time May rolls around, you’ll be seeing a lot more tourists, and for good reason. It is perhaps the most beautiful time of the year in Barcelona. Temperatures are usually near seventy degrees around this time and the humanity of summer hasn’t quite settled in yet, making a day on the beach a much more pleasant experience than in March or april. Plus, there are so many spring events happening in May that you might have a hard time deciding which ones you want to do.

Store your bags
When traveling, it is important to know your luggage storage options in Barcelona. All over the city, in popular places like the Port of Barcelona, ​​Sagrada Familia, Camp Nou and many more, there are places where you can temporarily store your luggage. This can make getting around much easier.

For example, if you want to buy a lot of beer at the Barcelona Beer Festival, but you plan to have dinner with friends right after. Instead of going back to your room to drop off your bag of beer, you can just put it away at the nearest storage location and enjoy the rest of your evening. It can also be extremely useful on travel days if you don’t want to lug your bags all over town while waiting to check in to your room.

Barcelona is a city with a lot to offer. With beautiful design, a vibrant culture, and plenty of celebrations to attend, you might find yourself a bit overwhelmed deciding which things you want to attend the most. Opting for unique options is always a safe bet. If you choose any or all of these five unique attractions, you’re well on your way to having a great time in Barcelona.

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