Squad Adds Amphibious Vehicles With Update 3.0

Once upon a time, Crew was born. The game needed some modernization and honestly that was a really big ask for the developer. The shooter that started with virtually nothing, now has everything needed for a perfect military operation. Thanks to the new update, Crew will obtain amphibious vehicles and enrich the family of vehicles already accessible. The new update is called amphibious assaultand it is also rated as 3.0.

Team Details 3.0

Briefly, let’s go over the details of this new update.

New Faction

But it’s not just that. A new faction will also join the game to help you deliver the perfect invasions. These are the marine forces, whose amphibious expertise is immeasurable. All players using this faction will be able to use seven new vehicles and five new weapons.

New map

Teams The new map, Black Coast, set on the windy coastal hills of the Black Sea, highlights new amphibious gameplay with attackers launching their assault from a massive aircraft carrier at sea to secure forward operating bases in head of the bridge. Amphibious Assault also adds a new amphibious-focused training ground map and updates five current squad maps to utilize the new gameplay feature.


To celebrate this new update, Crew is reduced by 33% in the Steam Summer Sale. Crew is currently available for PC on Steam.

To celebrate the new update, the developer has released a new video where the amphibious action is fully represented. You can watch the video in the embedded YouTube player below.

Offworld Industries is releasing Amphibious Assault, the latest free update for their large-scale multiplayer first-person shooter, Squad. With a new faction, map, music, and gameplay features, Amphibious Assault is the biggest update released yet for the rapidly growing community of Squad players.

Squad 3.0 – Amphibious Assault Patch Notes

Update Features:

  • New Faction: Marine Forces – This brand new Squad faction focuses on amphibious assaults and combined arms tactics.
    • Vehicles of the seven factions: RHIB watercraft, M1151 light Jeep, MATV armored car, AAVP7-A1 armored personnel carrier, LAV-25A2 armored reconnaissance vehicle, M1A1 main battle tank, UH1Y transport helicopter
    • Five new weapons: Including M16A4 Full Length Rifle, M4 Carbine Rifle, SMAW Anti-Tank, M9 Pistol and Frag Grenade
  • Amphibious Assault: Previously impassable river and ocean terrain can now be traversed. Vehicles with amphibious capabilities can traverse deep bodies of water expanding players’ tactical and strategic options
  • New map: Black Coast
    • The Black Coast is located on the rocky, windswept shores of the Black Sea. Nestled between foothills and fertile farmland, Squad’s new map gameplay will focus on amphibious power. The defenders must repel the invaders and prevent the forces from securing a beachhead for further military operations. This map features a main base of aircraft carriers focused on highlighting new amphibious mechanics.
  • Five updated maps: Existing maps with new amphibious features enabled:
    • Narva
    • Albasra
    • Skorpo
    • Fallujah
    • goose berry
  • New training map: Welcome to the Pacific Proving Grounds.
  • To get dirty: Mud will now accumulate on the front of player uniforms.
  • New main menu music: A brand new track from Squad composer Scott Tobin
  • Canadian vehicles: update adds Coyote reconnaissance vehicle and CH146 transport helicopter to the Canadian Armed Forces faction
  • Amphibious vehicles: The following vehicles are now amphibious:
    • Armored car BRDM2 (RUS/MEA/MIL/INS)
    • VCI BMP2 (RUS/MEA)

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