Rebon Kaisaiyu | Restaurants in Iriya, Tokyo

After closing its doors in November 2016, this long-standing sento (bathhouse) in Shitaya has been redeveloped into a charming neighborhood cafe.

The traditional structure and layout of the building has been kept as it was when the sento was first built in 1928. It still looks like your typical Japanese bath from the outside, right down to the wall of the shoe racks. at the entrance. The warm interior has been refurbished with modern amenities and decor, while retaining the warm atmosphere of a local sento.

The entrance to Rebon will lead you to a café area which offers a range of coffee (from 500) made from beans roasted on site, as well as teas including matcha latte and herbal tea (600 each) and soft drinks. alcoholic beverages like lemonade (¥ 500). We recommend ordering the Coffee and Ice Cream Set (980), which includes a scoop of homemade fresh fruit ice cream, accompanied by a coffee to complement the dessert. The ice cream comes in refreshing flavors like blueberry, kiwi, chocolate and golden mikan shonan.

Behind the cafe is the old swimming area, but which has now been redeveloped into office space for the company that renovated the building. The massive Mount Fuji mural in the public baths, which occupies an entire wall, is still there as a historical memory.

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