Millennium Hotels and Resorts launches M Social Decentraland

First hotel group to open a hotel in the Metaverse.

Millennium Hotels and Resorts will launch M Social decentralization on May 5, 2022, making it the first hotel group in the world to operate a hotel in the metaverse virtual world. Modeled on various M Social hotels around the world, the new hotel encapsulates the essence of the M Social brand of being a forward-thinking lifestyle and aims to be a place for all to gather and experience the universe. of virtual reality from Decentraland.

Located near Genesis Plaza in the heart of Decentraland, Millennium Hotels and Resorts’ latest hotel sits on prime digital land. Similar to its physical sister hotels, M Social Decentraland is positioning itself as a hub for explorers eager to discover new experiences and connect with like-minded people. The virtual hotel displays a giant “M” on each of its four sides, with glass exteriors and neon pink accents creating a sleek interior look.

“M Social is about being different, being one of a kind. As we look to the future, we must look beyond the traditional model of hospitality and engage our guests through new, immersive experiences,” said Mr. Kwek Leng BengExecutive Chairman of Millennium & Copthorne Hotels Limited. “We hope to redefine hospitality through M Social Decentraland by creating online adventures that integrate with real-life events.”

Customers who walk inside M Social Decentraland can interact with an avatar that greets everyone in the lobby. The avatar guides guests on a journey of discovery through the hotel. Those who reach the top of Decentraland will have a chance to win real-world hotel surprises.

“The hospitality landscape is changing rapidly. We adopt different technologies to engage customers and improve customer experience. The metaverse is one such avenue that gives us myriad opportunities to create unique social connections with our customers,” said Mr. Saurabh PrakashGroup Executive Vice President, Commercial for Millennium Hotels and Resorts. “M Social Decentraland will allow us to reach new and existing customers in the physical and virtual world with online connection to offline engagement.”

In the coming months, Millennium Hotels and Resorts will be talking with like-minded partners about future collaborations. Guests can also expect treasures and surprises when visiting M Social Decentraland. Future hotel integration will include a link to the M Social website and special events to mark special occasions like Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Day.

The M Social brand was launched in Singapore in 2016. M Social Decentraland marks the first virtual location with other physical outposts in Paris, New York, Singapore and Auckland. Millennium Hotels and Resorts plans to expand the brand into more places with strong characters to capture diverse stories in vibrant and creative communities.

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