Michelin ready for more electric vehicles on the market

What ongoing plans do you have for the EV tire market?

OEMs are showing a deep commitment to the electric vehicle market, and in some cases. the transition of entire product lines to battery electric vehicles in the coming years.

By 2030, we estimate that approximately 65% ​​of models offered in North America will be electric, with much of this volume coming from well-established players.

Michelin has prepared for this development and consumers are already seeing the benefits of our leadership in the tires they buy today. The Michelin Pilot Sport EV tire can extend battery life by 35 miles, and in Europe our Michelin ePrimacy tire offers a 7% increase in battery life. We have also applied this expertise to our other product lines, such as the Defender 2, where all types of vehicles can see the benefits of the extended wear we offer.

Do you plan to roll out additional products in 2022?

Our most recent launch is the Michelin Defender 2 tire for commercial and passenger vehicles. It has an 80,000 mile warranty with an extension to 19 and 20 inch rim sizes. To take Defender’s power line to the next level, Defender 2 was also designed to handle the added weight and torque of EVs.

When the tire hits the market, the Michelin Defender 2 is designed to outlast its competitors. Utilizing a combination of updated MaxTouch 2.0 technology, new Evertread 2.0 compound and a redesigned tread pattern, the Defender 2 outlasted three competitor tires by over 25,000 miles in an endurance test. tread wear, providing an additional two years of tread life. [based on internal treadwear testing against top competitors].

How does the company approach sustainable development?

As the importance of sustainability increases, we have a responsibility to balance the consumption of natural resources. With this, our hope is to achieve 40% sustainable raw materials in our tires by 2030 and 100% by 2050.

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