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Genesis has announced its vision of electrification for a sustainable future with the live broadcast of its vision statement film, “Futuring Genesis,” available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0MGwCOFaOI

Since launching in 2015, Genesis has focused on making positive changes in the lives of customers. As today’s drivers make more responsible choices toward a better future, Genesis is setting a new direction for the brand and taking action to create a more sustainable future for driving.

The video opens with an introduction by Euisun Chung, Chairman of the Hyundai Motor Group, discussing the past, present and his journey to a sustainable future.

“Genesis has followed an intensive, bold and successful journey, successfully establishing itself as a truly global luxury brand,” said Euisun Chung. “Genesis is once again the starting point of another daring journey – the journey to a sustainable future.”

The film also took the opportunity to present the GV60, the brand’s first electric vehicle based on E-GMP (Electric-Global Modular Platform), the platform dedicated to EVs. Images of the GV60 were revealed in August and the vehicle is due to release in the second half of this year in the Korean domestic market, leading the brand towards electrification. North American deliveries of GV60 are expected in 2022.

The iconic Two Lines design theme also runs through the video, tracing the company’s progress toward a sustainable future driven by their luxury electric vehicle lineup as a conversation between global head of Genesis Jay Chang and director of creation Luc Donckerwolke explores the company’s transition to electrification.

The brand’s new vehicles will all be purely electric from 2025. To drive the switch to electrification, Genesis will focus on a dual electrification strategy involving fuel cell and battery electric vehicles. Genesis will strive to develop pure electrical technologies such as new fuel cell systems with higher power output and electrical systems that help improve efficiency. Additionally, Genesis will be dedicated to creating next-generation technology that derives better performance and efficiency from lithium-ion batteries.

Along with the dual electrification strategy, Genesis has announced its goal of pursuing a carbon neutral brand by 2035. This is the first time that a member of the Hyundai Motor group has announced the transition and will consolidate the brand as a leader of the luxury vehicle brand. . Genesis plans to make the bold transition to innovate across its value chain, starting with raw materials, vehicles and parts and expanding to all work sites and production plants.

To become carbon neutral, Genesis will establish itself as a 100% zero emission vehicle brand by 2030. Genesis aims to build an electric vehicle lineup of eight models and expects global sales to reach 400,000 units per year.

In addition, starting with the GV60, Genesis will continue to provide sincere interactions with its customers through its range of electric vehicles and for its drivers as a luxury brand. The company sees the new electric lineup as an exciting platform to improve the way it interfaces with customers, while Genesis’ new architecture will incorporate bold technologies and breathtaking designs into its vehicles, delivering truly detail-oriented experiences.

Genesis showcased various concepts for future vehicles in the video, including stage doors, which open the front and rear doors in the opposite direction without a B-pillar. Rotating swivel seats and mood lighting create a feeling of comfort around the driver, while air conditioning is provided by the new heating system inspired by the Korean “Ondol” heater. The brand also introduced an improved high fidelity audio system that makes drivers and passengers feel like they are sitting on stage with the orchestra.

“I am extremely pleased to announce Genesis’ new vision for a sustainable future as we open a new chapter in our history,” said Jay Chang, Global Head of Genesis. “As we continue to design a new dimension of the customer experience and build an authentic relationship with our customers, Genesis will take bold steps to lead the era of electrification into a sustainable future. “

“Our new electric range is the ideal platform to increase our interface with our customers,” said Luc Donckerwolke, Creative Director of Genesis. “We aim to interact with all of their senses. Our new architecture will integrate bold technologies with breathtaking designs while delivering heartfelt detail-driven experiences. Warm and exquisite care will be our differentiator.

Along with the launch of its vision film today, Genesis has also released a new global brand campaign film, “Designed for Your Mind”. The campaign aims to communicate the full range of experiences Genesis puts into its vehicle designs, services and more, while evoking a variety of emotions using epic visuals and nature sounds.

Through the film, Genesis hopes to help drivers imagine what a luxury car brand can offer them, providing a tranquil and harmonious driving environment to balance the challenges of hectic city life. As a luxury brand, Genesis interprets design at large as a unique and enduring tool to shape a better world.

Following footage from the brand’s campaign, Genesis wrapped up today’s live stream with exclusive footage teasing a future in air mobility.


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At Genesis, we put the customer at the heart of everything we do. Genesis is a global automotive brand that offers the highest standards in safety, performance, design and innovation. Genesis offers a range of models including the G70 sport sedan, G80 executive sedan, G90 flagship sedan, and GV70 and GV80 sport utility vehicles.

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