How to buy so as not to fall into debt?

New clothes, appliances, building a house, its furnishings, children’s education, and finally just LIFE – it costs everything. Managing money so that it lasts “up to the first” is often a challenge for contemporary citizens of our country.

In the era of electronic things and the desire to have them, people whose household budget would definitely be enough to feed not one family, but several, fall into debt. This emotion causes that we buy items that often exceed our financial capabilities. Vulnerability to such behavior causes falling into the whirl of purchases and debts.

Shopping madness – how to fight it?

Shopping madness - how to fight it?

Plan your expenses

First of all, you should have a plan according to which the money earned for living would be spent. You should start by writing out the items necessary to pay this month – i.e. all fixed bills, i.e. rent for the apartment, water, electricity, heating, television, Internet and food bills. Having bills for earlier months, we can easily estimate the cost of our lives. In a difficult financial situation, pleasure must go away. Let’s buy the most necessary things, don’t waste money.

Take advantage of sales

Things such as electronics or clothes are worth buying during sales and promotions. We are able to spend up to 70% less. However, let us be conscious consumers and do not make purchases during artificial price reductions. This method is well known and in order to avoid scams, let’s just buy online. Using price comparison websites will help us avoid marketing manipulation.

Save for yourself


It is impossible to plan 100% of all expenses, so it is worth taking an amendment and putting aside a few zlotys each month in exchange for buying something without which we would also be able to manage. In this case, the “Pay yourself first” principle works.

It consists of putting aside 10% of the money earned every month. The amounts saved in this way can be placed on the savings account or deposits. It would be good if we could save similar amounts every month. The “black hour” may come unexpectedly, like a bolt from the clear sky.

Or maybe payday pay?

Payday loans are the worst way out of debt. From one debt we can fall into another knowing that it is getting worse from month to month (see how to deal with the debt loop). Therefore, if we want to borrow, because we have no where to get, let’s start with the family. Family loans do not earn interest, and can be returned by arrangement when it suits us. Of course, let’s not go to people with a similar financial situation to ours. In the absence of people in the family who could provide temporary financial support, it is worth going to the bank and talking about the possibilities of taking a loan. Credit on favorable terms is a much better solution than payday loans, due to the preferential credit terms.



Before you start buying a given item, think carefully whether you really need it right now. We are driven by emotions and desires. It is worth replacing simply with common sense. Always go shopping with a list and a full belly for grocery shopping. Hunger means that we buy more.

If you are considering buying an expensive electronic device, you better do it for cash, and if you do not have it, postpone the purchase and save. Leave bank loans, let alone bank loans as a last resort and one-off.