Hakkeijima Sea Paradise in Yokohama receives four new attractions this month


Hakkeijima sea paradise in Yokohama is known to be an ideal attraction for children. The park is divided into two main areas: the amusement area called Pleasure Land and Aqua Resorts, which is an aquarium home to around 120,000 sea creatures including dolphins, penguins and sharks. It also has its own hotel, shopping mall, and plenty of restaurants, so it’s a great family day trip from Tokyo.

Photo: Hakkeijima Sea Paradise

Pleasure Land is undergoing a big expansion with Shita’s Dream Island, a brand new area inspired by the mascot of Shita-kun Park. This new area will have two new attractions: the Bubble Shooting and the Butterfrider. The Bubble Shooting is a shooting range with water guns, while the Butterfrider, as you can probably guess, is designed to look like butterflies in flight. The merry-go-round has pedals in each compartment, which take you up and down as it spins.

In addition to Bubble Shooting and Butterfrider, you can also expect Flight Eagle in the main area of ​​Pleasure Land; it’s a bird-shaped ride that takes you 10 meters above the ground.

All of these three attractions were popular rides at Tokyo’s beloved Toshimaen amusement park, which closed last year to make way for the new Harry Potter Themed Warner Bros Studios Tour. The rides have all been redesigned and will open at Hakkeijima Sea Paradise on Tuesday, April 27.

Hakkeijima marine paradise
Credits) Sea Paradise Hakkeijima

That’s not all. Bay Market, the park’s souvenir shopping area, also has its own indoor game center on the second floor. Called Western Game House, it features 12 different American Carnival-style games, which cost around 200-500 each.

If you plan to visit during Golden week, we recommend that you book your tickets in advance to avoid the queue on the site.

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