Hakkapeliitta launches new winter tires for vans and delivery vehicles

Nokian Tires has announced a new range of tires for vans and delivery vehicles – the Hakkapeliitta C4 and Hakkapeliitta CR4.

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The Nokian Tires Hakkapeliitta C4 studded tire handles all the elements of winter, says Nokian. The square stainless steel lug provides controlled maneuverability and grip on ice and snow.

The Nokian Tires Hakkapeliitta CR4 non-studded Nordic tire is a choice for drivers who want to feel safe and comfortable on both crowded city streets and snow-free urban gravel roads, says Nokian. MultiTouch faceted tread improves handling on icy, snowy and wet roads. Handling is complemented by low rolling resistance which reduces fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. This greener mobility is appreciated by professional drivers and self-made adventurers alike, says Nokian.

According to Nokian Tyres, the full size selection of the Hakkapeliitta C4 is suitable for all models of modern delivery vehicles and vans. Nokian Tires offers a selection of 20 products, from 15 inches to 18 inches. The unstudded Nordic Hakkapeliitta CR4 also covers all modern van models, including many recreational vehicles. Sizes range from 15 to 17 inches.

Hakkapeliitta winter tires are covered by the Hakka warranty. If your Hakkapeliitta tire is damaged beyond repair, their Hakka warranty will provide you with a new tire for free, Nokian says.

Growing demand for specialty tires

According to Nokian Tyres, current popular trends are logistics and micro-travelling, which also increase the demand for high-quality and environmentally friendly special tires.

Goods and people must be able to move reliably and safely throughout the year. Professional drivers appreciate a tire’s grip on the worst winter days, its durability and low noise level. Recreational use also emphasizes fuel efficiency and easy, reliable handling, even at higher speeds, said Mikko Liukkula, product development manager for Nokian Tyres.

Square studs for grip

For heavy-duty pickups in particular, maximizing lateral grip is important in order to maintain control of the performance vehicle during hard swerving and braking. The stainless steel square stud grips firmly and will last even as the miles rack up, Liukkula said.

The square shape improves grip on ice both longitudinally and laterally and anchors the stud even more firmly in the rubber compound of the tread, explains Nokian Tyres.

Stable and durable in all weathers

Nokian Tyres’ new tread pattern can overcome black ice, water and slush, says Nokian. The different sizes of tread blocks and the arrow-shaped design of the central area, complete with support ribs, provide grip and stability when they are needed most.

The winter-resistant tread rubber compound, designed for use on light trucks, performs well over a wide temperature range and can withstand severe wear, Nokian Tires said.

According to Nokian Tyres, the tire will retain its grip on cold winter days as well as on wet and dry roads in milder weather. The tread compound tolerates cuts and impacts. Durability is provided by the aramid sidewall technology. Aramid fiber not only protects against the costs of accidental tire damage, but also ensures that your customers arrive at their destination without any unpleasant surprises.

The Hakkapeliitta CR4 non-studded tire

According to Nokian Tyres, the Hakkapeliitta CR4 – designed for general-purpose use on delivery vehicles and pickup trucks – offers reliability as well as a quiet, light ride for snowstorms and sudden sub-freezing temperatures that make the roads slippery.

The van operator’s peace of mind is based on the new MultiTouch tread pattern which provides winter grip as well as a precise and comfortable ride. Nokian Tires claims that the computer-optimized grooves and cuts on different parts of the symmetrical tread perform optimally in varying conditions on ice, snow and bare roads.

The new model is the result of computer modeling and millions of test kilometers, and it allows the Hakkapeliitta CR4 to adapt to sudden changes in the Nordic winter. The large jagged tread blocks have dense sipes, which the driver can experience as better grip when accelerating on icy roads as well as when cornering at high speeds during heavy snowfall. The added edges provide commendable lateral and longitudinal grip, Liukkula said.

Increasingly variable winter weather conditions mean that much of our winter driving will be on bare asphalt. The wide open grooves accelerate the removal of slush and water, preventing slushplaning and aquaplaning. The tread blocks are connected to each other by grooved risers, which guarantees stability and safety when driving at high speeds, even in dry weather, explains Nokian Tyres.

More driving comfort

According to Nokian Tyres, drivers of motorhomes and vans on the road in winter in the North want their non-studded tires to offer safety and ease of driving, but also a quiet ride, fuel economy and good durability.

The Hakkapeliitta CR4’s chunky tread blocks and rugged, heavily siped tread work with its low-temperature designed rubber compound to reduce bumps and bumps from ruts and potholes on bad roads. maintained, Liukkula said.

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