Glasgow is home to most drive-through restaurants in UK, study finds


Glasgow is home to the most drive-through restaurants in the whole of the UK, a new study has found.

Research by Asda Money has found that Scotland’s largest city has 48 restaurants where Scots can drive to purchase their favorite food.

The supermarket found that the number of Scots choosing to eat in their cars accelerated during the coronavirus pandemic.

Asda Money also surveyed 2,000 drivers across the UK about their eating habits inside their vehicles.

Fish and chips was one of the most popular in-car dishes for Scots

Three-quarters (75%) of Glasgow’s said they are likely to eat in their vehicle at least once a month – this compared to 69% nationwide.

Almost half of Scots (49%) said they do it once a week, while 14% admitted to eating a snack or their lunch or dinner every day inside their vehicle.

The majority of people (51%) enjoyed a take-out meal as the treat of choice to enjoy in the car.

The top five types of food Scots enjoy in their car, van or truck include:

  1. Sandwich (39%)
  2. Burger (34%)
  3. Fish & chips (16%)
  4. Fried chicken (11%)
  5. Salad (9%)

And the study also found that a number of Scots are well prepared when it comes to eating inside their vehicles.

About half (49%) kept towels and wipes in their car, while 19% had spare cutlery and 6% even invested in their own car tray.

Alistair Ball, Insurance Manager at Asda Money, commented: “Eating in a vehicle is often a matter of convenience, especially when people are traveling for work or leisure. Interestingly, our research shows that many people are well prepared for this activity, bringing items with them to help them eat comfortably and clean up after themselves.

“It might not be for everyone, or for all cuisines, but fast food and lunchtime sandwiches are dishes that people regularly enjoy in their vehicles.”

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