Frances Bean Cobain’s ex to undergo psychological assessment

Back in 2016, Frances Bean Cobain and her husband Isaiah Silva were going through a divorce when Silva reported to the police that he was accosted by music director Sam Lufti, who once oversaw Cobain’s mother’s career Courtney love. Fast forward to 2018, and Silva decided to take legal action against Lufti, Love and others for allegedly breaking into his home and attempting to kidnap him. Now, before a possible trial, TMZ reports that Silva will undergo a psychological assessment to determine whether or not her mental health is checked.

According to the 2016 report, Silva told police that Lufti and another suspect grabbed him and took him away in a car. They allegedly took her phone and used physical force, causing approximately $ 4,000 in damage to the phone and some of the glass doors in the house that had been smashed. However, the police report was not filed until five days after the alleged incident.

May 2018 Kurt Cobainis a legendary guitar. “This guitar would be the one Cobain played in the MTV unplugged special shortly before his death.

The guitar became a bone of contention in Frances and Isaiah’s divorce proceedings, with Silva arguing that it was given to her by Cobain as a wedding gift. Eventually, Cobain relented and Silva retained the guitar after the divorce was finalized.

Given the nature of the charges against them, TMZ reports that the defendants have requested a psychiatric check-up of Silva, which is due to take place this morning (July 30). During the check-up, medics will reportedly ask a number of questions about the background to what Silva alleged in his trial and how it continues to affect him today. The examiner’s notes should be included in the trial and the psychological check-up will be audio-recorded.

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