Breathtaking moment, reckless driver overtakes seven vehicles before narrowly avoiding Scottish road crash


Breathtaking footage shows the moment a reckless driver passed seven vehicles before narrowly missing oncoming traffic as it approached a blind summit.

The incident happened on Friday August 13 at 7.47am on the A91 in Guardbridge, Fife.

Road safety experts have suggested that a police investigation could bring the costs of such actions back to the driver.

The clip begins with the last car on camera in a line of vehicles behind a tractor and trailer as it approaches the Eden River Bridge.

After all drivers have started to cross the bridge, a silver Ford Mondeo appears at high speed, overtaking the dash cam vehicle.

The unidentified driver passed seven vehicles, including the tractor, a distance of 200 meters (656.7 feet).

Dashcam captured reckless Fife driver

As the vehicle reaches the top of the hill, the driver of an oncoming car, followed by a heavy truck, flashes their lights as he drives past the tractor, narrowly avoiding a collision.

The driver of the dash cam car, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “This was not the first time I encountered this driver and his dangerous overtaking.

“However, this time Friday the 13th is clearly your unlucky day, man numpty Mondeo.

“Maybe it’s time your driver’s license got revoked before you end up in jail for killing a poor man behind the wheel.”

Also commenting on the clip, one user wrote: ‘If it hasn’t already, these footage should be turned over to the police.

“It’s a frontal accident with fatalities in the making.”

The car overtakes seven vehicles as it approaches the blind summit
The car overtakes seven vehicles as it approaches the blind summit

Another added: “He had to go on the wrong side of the traffic island to get passed as fast as he did.”

Edmund King, AA President, said, “This driver seemed determined to overtake the line of vehicles and tractors at all costs.

“A police investigation could make it clear to the driver that such actions entail financial costs, and any driver should be aware of the potentially devastating costs of this type of driving. “

Scottish police have found no trace of the incident reported to them.


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