Booster converts nearly 1,200 diesel vehicles to renewable fuel in first month

Booster converted over 90 of its diesel customers with nearly 1,200 vehicles to renewable fuels in the first month of its decarbonization initiative. The move will help Booster customers reduce emissions by more than 70%, saving more than 34 million pounds of carbon emissions next year, according to Booster. Booster informed its fleet customers last month of its intention to switch their vehicles from traditional fuels to renewable diesel before the end of the year. The change comes following an announcement by Renewable Energy Group and Booster to offer mobile delivery of renewable fuels to fleets.

Booster says it serves hundreds of fleet customers across the country and will increasingly offer them delivery of renewable fuels that are no longer commonly found at gas stations. Renewable fuels, in general, can be difficult to access: according to the US government, less than 3% of gas stations in the United States offer ethanol (E85) and less than 1% offer biodiesel (B20 and superior).

Pinnacle Power Services, Inc., a power distribution and telecommunications infrastructure construction company in Northern California, is an early adopter of Booster’s renewable fuels service for fleets.

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