6 Best Restaurants in Toranomon Yokocho

When day falls to dusk, Tokyo yokocho the alleys are lit by paper lanterns and filled with the chatter of office workers who end a long day with a pint of beer and a bite to eat. These clusters of street-side food stalls are long-standing features of neighborhoods like Ebisu, Shibuya, and Shinjuku, where some vendors have been operating for decades. But now a new generation of yokocho arrived in Tokyo – welcome to Toranomon Yokocho.

When you can’t choose between platters of fresh seafood, skewers of yakitori or izakaya dishes paired with locally distilled gin (and how could you?), A night to skip between these “capsule restaurants” is all it takes. that a foodie can dream of.

Many sites that make up the yokocho were handpicked from the best restaurants in Tokyo, some with Michelin stars. These offshoots offer the same high-quality food as their bigger brethren, but in a slightly uncluttered menu that’s more casual and affordable. While the open plan configuration makes it easy to move from counter to counter, tasting food from all 26 kitchens in one night can be a challenge. So we’ve picked out some of our favorites to give you an idea where to start. .

Note: Toranomon Yokocho is currently operating with reduced opening hours (11am to 8pm) due to current Covid-19 measures imposed by authorities. Additionally, restaurants have been urged to refrain from serving alcohol while the state of emergency is in effect.

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