5 Interior Lighting Design Principles for Hotels

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Lighting essentially contributes to the atmosphere of the space and the creation of the unique aesthetic of your brand. It is the lighting that affects the experience of your customers and that will enhance the design of your hotel. Therefore, knowing the 5 basic methods of lighting design for hotels will help you understand how lighting consultants create the most appropriate ambiance for your space.

Consider your space’s color temperature (CCT)

When purchasing a lighting set, color temperature is the most important criteria to consider. It is determined by the function of the space and the mood you want to create. There are three most common ranges:

a) warm light
b) soft white light
c) daylight

For bedrooms, in order to create a cozy and sleepy atmosphere, it is recommended to use a low color temperature, combined with warm light. Common areas should use bright cool light temperature, considered daylight. Avoid mixing different color temperatures in the same space or you risk creating visual confusion.

Ensure more than 3 lighting sources

It is in fact not recommended to use a monotonous light source in your space. For example, two white-light fluorescent tubes on the ceiling will create excessive shadows indoors, which can make your space look stark and dull.

To produce layers of light sources inside the room, there must be at least three types of primary lighting: ambient lighting, task lighting, and decorative lighting. An effective lighting design in your hotel room could consist of hanging fluorescent tubes (part of ambient lighting) and moving reading lamps on bedside tables (part of task lighting). In addition, aesthetic elements of lighting are incorporated to contribute to the characteristics and image of your hotel by installing creative lighting solutions that will increase the charm of your space.

Basic Lighting Design Studio – Wuxi Residential Hampton

Find the purpose of your space and establish visual focus

Deciding on a visual accent will help you get the most out of the lighting built into your space. For example, after guests have settled in for their royal trip, you might want them to visit your restaurant and lounges. Proper lighting design can help guide your customers to your facilities. Once inside, targeted lighting on tables or a buffet will allow visitors to appreciate the presentation of the dishes. A key focus ensures key interest, and therefore a well-designed invitation for your space.

Avoid glare from indirect lighting

Glare is visual discomfort produced by excessive and uncontrolled brightness and extreme contrast. Glare is best avoided by using indirect lighting where the light source is hidden. This way we easily eliminate glare and ensure that light travels through your space by reflecting off the ceiling or wall. Many hotels appreciate ceiling mounted lighting, giving a luxurious and soothing look to the room.

Baseline Lighting Design Studio – The Park Lane, Pullman, Hong Kong

Make good use of dimmers

To increase the flexibility of the lighting in your space, lighting designers will install dimmable luminaires. The dimmable lights make it possible to create different atmospheres adapted to the times of the day. For example, your hallway to guest rooms might be brighter during the day but darkened at night when they’re ready to rest. It can also accentuate part of the space when needed, for example, during a presentation in your activity room or in the ballroom when visitors take their places on the dance floor. Dimmable lighting helps you create a tailored atmosphere in your space that emphasizes a unique guest experience.


Top-notch lighting consultants like Baseline Lighting Design Studio make life easier for your hotels and resorts by creating an atmosphere that stands out from your competition. Contact Baseline to make your facilities more prestigious, lush and comfortable. Lighting experts will provide an accurate proposal of lighting costs for your future projects. [email protected]

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