5 Halal and Muslim Restaurants You Can Still Find in Seoul!

Muslim travellers, there is still halal food in Korea! Covid-19 may have hit some Korean halal restaurants hard, and it’s been hard for us to keep track of all our favorite restaurants from our home countries. Fortunately, our writer, Ayeeshah, explored Seoul a week ago. She managed to find 5 halal restaurants in Seoul, Korea 2021 for you to enjoy on your future trip! ?

1. Eid Restaurant

A fan favorite of anyone who frequents Korea, this halal Korean restaurant is always open! Specializing in authentic Korean cuisine, its delicious dishes are incredibly memorable. Try their Beef Bulgogi, one of the most ordered dishes at Eid restaurant. Made with halal beef from Australia, Eid guarantees their Bulgogi is homemade with no prepackaged sauces or added MSG. ?
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Credit: Fa Ahmad on Facebook Have you ever heard of the famous “Andong Jjimdak”? Jjimdak, which means steamed chicken, is one of the tastiest Eid dishes. Covered in a sweet and spicy sauce, the Jjimdak will leave you wanting more. Oh and did we mention? If you fancy something closer to home, Eid also sells Nasi Lemak now! You You can find this delicious halal Korean restaurant in Seoul along Itaewon’s Islam Street. Eid – Halal Korean Food
Halal status: Certified Korean Halal

2. Osegyehyang

This restaurant has everything you need to enjoy halal Korean food in Seoul without worry. From fake meats to vegetarian options, this restaurant will leave you feeling full and satisfied. Plus, the seating arrangement gives you an authentic Korean dining experience.
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Whether it was kicking off your shoes or sitting on the floor on a cushion, eating here was absolutely delicious. Especially with the super delicious food! Find this restaurant in the Insa-dong shopping district, it’s the perfect place to unwind after a long day of shopping.
Halal status: Certified Korean Friendly for Muslims

3. Little India

A popular tourist spot in Insa-dong, this restaurant is located on the second floor of a store in Insa-dong. With a fantastic atmosphere, view of Insa-dong and delicious food, everyone would love this place.
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Taste North Indian home cooking, try their lamb curry for a bite of spicy flavor. Better yet, accompany it with a casserole tea to warm up in cold weather! Little India
Halal status: Halal certified

4. Tunisian Home Cooking Cous Cous

This Mediterranean family kitchen is run by a Korean woman who lived in Tunisia for three years! After recognizing how difficult it can be for Muslims in Korea to find halal food, she opened a restaurant to help the Muslim community find good food. With experience and heart, Cous Cous offers delicious homemade halal food for any Muslim to enjoy. Although the restaurant sells alcohol, their menu has stickers to show you which dish is served with halal meat. The owner is also helpful, telling you which dish has halal meat in stock for the day!

Cous Cous Tunisian Home Cooking
Halal status: Korea’s Halal Restaurant Week Recognized

5. Petra

The warmest and most helpful service imaginable can be found in Petra! Run by a Palestinian living in Korea, this restaurant also offers incredibly delicious food.
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Credit: petra_restaurant_korea on Instagram The Briyani and Mandhi rice served by Petra is filled with unforgettable Mediterranean spices and flavors. Complete your meal with a plate of Cous Cous and Lamb Chops Kebab and you’re in for a treat! Located near Itaewon, this place is perfect for a shopping lunch or an end-of-day feast! Simply hop on the subway and get dropped off at Noksapyeong to enjoy mouth-watering dishes with Petra. Petra

Halal status: Self-certified Muslim restaurant in Korea

And that’s only 5 restaurants, who knows how many more may still be there? ? Share this with your travel companion for your next trip to South Korea! ?

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