Our 4 Debt Promotion Activities

I think anyone who currently has any debt or credit obligation will agree with me that they are tired of being in debt and would like to get rid of them as soon as possible. But whether we like it or not, most often, we find ourselves in a situation where we owe something to our own fault.

Even if you do not initially think that being in debt to someone is your fault, stop and think a little about your past actions, and most likely you will find out that, yes, some of our specific actions have led us to whether it is because we forgot to pay off a credit on time or because we were too reckless in handling our credit cards.

So here are some of our actions that can lead us to debt unless we give them enough attention and think before we do it.

1. You spend money to maintain a specific image

1. You spend money to maintain a specific image

Nowadays, with image and image being one of the most important social attributes, there are many people who spend money solely to maintain a particular image, whether you have a lot of money or to maintain your hipster image.

And oftentimes, maintaining this image is not cheap because you need to spend money not only on clothes but also, for example, to renew your haircut every few months, and to maintain a certain lifestyle with parties, dinners in restaurants and expensive gifts for your friends .

But the thing that many people don’t realize is that many of these people who are particularly thoughtful about their appearance are actually living well beyond their means, because as I said, maintaining a specific image is not cheap at all. So think about how much it costs you to dress the way you dress and live the way you live, because it is possible that this lifestyle of yours is slowly driving you into huge debts.

2. You have the feeling that you are entitled to spend a lot of money

 2. You have the feeling that you are entitled to spend a lot of money

Another interesting thing about making and spending money is that those who make a lot of money also often feel as though they are entitled to a lot of money for different luxury goods and services, even if it means that at the end of the month not enough money to pay for the apartment.

If you think this behavior does not sound like you, then it is similar to spending a lot of money, for example, shopping because you had a hard working week and you just want to balance some of that hard week. This is also literally the same thing – you spend money because you believe you have the right to spend money after such a hard working week.

But spending that money is often not only pointless, but it can quickly get you into debt, because with that sense of entitlement, you’re likely to spend a lot more money than you would if you went to buy something you really need.

3. You can’t say no

If you’ve noticed that you seem to be running out of money a little before your payday every month, then think about the rest of the time you don’t often have to say various expensive entertainment and purchases that you don’t like or need.

If so, it’s probably just hard for you to say no, like when friends ask you to go to clubs on Friday nights or take long Saturday outings.

But if you don’t learn to say no, maybe next time your friends or a company representative will persuade you to buy some really expensive items that you don’t actually need. So learn to say no and be aware of how much you can spend each month.

4. You rely on the fact that it is always possible to take out a quick loan

4. You rely on the fact that it is always possible to take out a quick loan

And the fact that we are accustomed to having dozens of different quick credit options at our fingertips that we can use if we need additional funds definitely drives debt.

So stop relying on fast credit as a way to get extra money for spending, and you will see how you start to plan your budget more efficiently, but also that you can significantly reduce your daily expenses and not have to live for a few days before your salary pasta and water.